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A simple way to deliver your content or apps right to the end user

Fast Loader lets you to create smart installer for any projects to fit your business model requirements. Create your custom design for the installer, choose apps or files you'd like to promote and here we go – just take look at installation statistic.

Install solution with customizable design across Windows and OS X

Create your own design and make it works. Attract more users into your application or a file downlading proccess by the very first look of your installer to the general service. Fast Loader fully supports HTML, CSS and HTML Layouts. Available for Windows and OS X.

Setup package includes landing page, customisable installer, welcome and uninstall web pages.

Our specialists will help you to create landing pages and installer designs by your choice. You don't need to worry about anything.

Make multiple actions right from a single installer. All in one.

Save your time, traffic and money by installing different applications or downloading multiple files right from a single installer. Required apps and files will be downloaded once user selects them – you don't need to build all apps inside the installer.

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Add bundles into the installer to increase your revenue. Everithing is up to you.

Full statistic reports about installer behavior right into your hands.

Fast Loader gives you access to the full statistical information about users’ geolocation, time spent for installation process, number of cancelled installations and much more.

Boost your service with Fast Loader now.
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To start using Fast Loader, please send a request to our manager from the form below. We will send further instructions to you via e-mail.

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